Restoration Shops

Do you need a professional in your area to service your classic car? Here is a constantly updated list of restoration shops who will install our parts in your Porsche. Contact us to be added to this list and we will add you! Click here to view Restoration Shops.

Restoration Shops Graphic

Restoration Design Parts Catalogue

View our online catalogue. Please browse our website for the most up to date prices and part inventory.
Click here to view our catalogue.

PET Diagrams

We've compiled official Porsche® PET Diagrams for the models of cars we provide parts for.
Click here to view our PET Diagrams.

BMW Chassis Dimensions

Click here to view our BMW Chassis Dimensions PDF.

Diagram for 1965-68' 911/912 Front Wiring Harness

Click here to download our front wiring harness diagram for your 1965-68' 911/912. Be sure to check out our line of wiring harness parts in the shop here!

Factory Dimension Diagrams

Many customers have asked about factory dimension diagrams in the past, and we have compiled some charts to help you with your restoration part installations.

Factory Wiring Schematics

Contact Us to purchase a poster size of our wiring schematics

Factory Dimension Diagrams

Making a Rotisserie

We have created a few very sturdy and helpful rotisseries at our shop in the past, and many customers are interested in making their own. We will be releasing various pictures, diagrams, and video instructions on our process. Enjoy!

Rotisserie Diagram