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Canadian Customers

Canadian Shops and Collectors will be charged in Canadian funds for their order with applicable taxes. We have launched a separate Credit card processing platform to accept Visa and MasterCard. The base USD amount online from your order will be calculated to the average exchange rate for parts purchased. Applicable shop discounts, promotions will be applied before conversion. Most of our Canadian customers are paying up to 2.5% on their credit cards converting up to USD and the average exchange is nearly half that, so we are hoping this will reduce unwanted fees.

Applicable sales tax will be applied after your order is processed. You will not see your tax here as shipping, bulk, discounts and conversion have not been calculated.

Cancellation Notice

Please note: If orders are fully processed (packed and transaction/payment completed) at the time of cancelling, you may be subject to a handling charge. This will compensate for materials, labour and transaction fees.