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Grey Relay W-598A/S

Grey Relay W-598A/S

Product Code: RD-901.615.104.00
Porsche #: 901 615 104 00

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Product Description

Also known as W-595A/S. The grey relay is used as a headlamp changeover relay and is mounted behind the pedalboard. Our relay package is designed with modern ISO 30A Panasonic relays and transient voltage suppression to eliminate voltage spikes. This will result in prolonged longevity of the relay contacts and coil.
Relays can be purchased with a painted cover or without. Covers are made from a robust PA12 (Nylon) that is durable and chemically resistant.
-Input voltage: 12v
-Relay is also available without a cover
-Compatible with OE covers
Made in Canada by Restoration Design