Black Friday Sale

Note: Prices shown are currently at standard retail value until 12:00am on November 24th, and will be discounted at 25% until 11:59pm.

Code Name Image Price  
PP127A Shifter tunnel, Pre-A to 1957 Shifter tunnel, Pre-A to 1957 760.00 $US
PP127B Shifter tunnel, 1958-59 Shifter tunnel, 1958-59 785.00 $US
PP127T5 Shifter Tunnel 356 BT5 Shifter Tunnel 356 BT5 775.00 $US
PP127T6 Shifter Tunnel 356 T6 Shifter Tunnel 356 T6 775.00 $US
PP269 RSR engine support bar RSR engine support bar 145.00 $US
PP336S Front Hood Springs (Pair) Front Hood Springs (Pair) 60.00 $US
PP336SA Front Hood Springs, Pair (1970-71) Front Hood Springs, Pair (1970-71) 60.00 $US